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Meet Your Team

We Work For you!


Jennifer  Marcus

CEO and Business Specialist

Licensed Enrolled Agent with
Internal Revenue Service
QuickBooks Certified Pro-Advisor
Business Consultant & Tax Specialist

Jennifer earned her Three master’s degrees in accounting and Finance with Honors, Human Resources Management, and MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management. With the extensive knowledge that she has gained from her education and employment prior to her degrees she began bookkeeping in 2014, when she began working for an accounting firm before starting her own business in 2016. In addition to Owning Marpalms, LLC she is also the CFO of Tour Décor and co-owner of Jepriv LLC,  Beau Diamante LLC, Suited and Sassy Threads LLC, and Suited and Sassy Charites.

Jennifer founded Marpalms LLC in 2016 and has since developed it into a complex company that offers much more than traditional bookkeeping services. Proud of the educational focus of the company, Jennifer is especially enthusiastic about the consulting work and relationships she builds with other companies and individuals. She is an open book of tools and strategies that can be used to improve efficiency, be more successful, and effectively empower a small businesses owner. Jennifer’s philosophy is to offer the highest quality services at a price that anyone from individuals to corporations can afford.

Jennifer is highly knowledgeable when it comes to her job, and she is passionate about continuing her education. Her knowledge is consistently up to date in the areas of Taxation, Bookkeeping, Payroll Compliance, Business Development, Ethics, Human Resources, Training and Development, and much more. When working with Jennifer, no less than complete dedication is what can be expected. She is a professional with intelligence and business savvy to spare, and when it comes to her clients there is no length, she won’t go to ensure their success and future growth.


Sonya Chavez

Relationship Manager

Sonya Chaves started working with Marpalms in 2018, heading up our Client Services department.

Sonya has extensive experience in roles such as Client Relation Manager, Service Manager; Head Strategy Planning; Head Client Services; General Manager & Managing Director.

She has led teams who have taken care of all our customer’s needs. This is done through the believe that if you provide quality service it benefits both the customer and the company. Not to mention that it builds lasting relationships.

Sonya understands how to turn information into insights – and act upon them. Specializing in

· Building relationships with key customers

·Creating plans to address clients’ business needs

· Advising clients on creating profitable processes

· Scheduling regular meetings with customers to ensure they are satisfied

· Acting as point of contact for complaints and escalate issues as appropriate

· Ensuring that both the company and clients adhere to contract terms

· Collaborating with internal teams to address customers’ needs.

With Sonya’s experience and knowledge, she is the right person to help you develop your relationship with Marpalms and ensure all your business needs are met.


Laura Moya

Human Resources, Payroll, and Benefits Manager

Laura Moya started working with Marpalms in 2019, heading up our department.

Laura has extensive experience in roles such as Human Resources Director specializing in procedures, compliance, payroll, and benefits, for the State of New Mexico, Human resources manage specializing in payroll and benefits for Intel. This does not include other roles that she plays in her 35 years of experience in the field.  

She is ready to help you ensure that your company is completely meeting compliance, help you set-up and or run your payroll, and go over your companies benefits to ensure that everything is meeting the needs of your employees and your customers.

With Laura’s experience and knowledge, she is the right person to help you develop your human resources relationship with Marpalms and ensure all your business needs are met.


Georgia Basinger

Business Start-Up Manager

Georgia Basinger started working with Marpalms in 2017, heading up our Business Start-Up Department.

Georgia’s extensive background and role in nursing has led her caring for people into a different direction. She now uses that care and compassion to take the business idea you have and bring it into fruition. This change came about when her mother wanted to start a soul food restaurant. Georgia instantly went to work making her mothers dreams come true. She did this by creating a brand, creating a business plan, marketing the business plan to help gain funds for a restaurant, supplies, workers, and all other needs. From this she found a new passion and calling. She is ready and waiting to help make your dreams come true.

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